MTM due to the strengthening of a missiological Christology that gives us encouragement, challenge, newness of life and discipleship Bible to encourage the Church of the millennium in their task of going to the fulfillment of the missio Dei. It is a job with a creative tension in the mission.

MTM missionaries promotes two-way bridges, which means the recognition of the presence of the missionaries of the “World of Majorities” across the bridge today; at the same time means understanding and accepting that other existing missiologies continue to cross the bridge missionary one way.

MTM recognizes that God in His love is raising the longest missionary bridge of all missionary contemporary history where thousands of missionaries from different culture, language, race and nation are united in the mandate at all times, in all places and all nations to proclaim Jesus Christ as the only solution for the needs of humanity and all creation.


MTM promotes knowledge of the Word of God, to live with profound missionary vocation compromised.

  • MTM seeks to strengthen the missionary vision in the work of the leadership of the churches, for they are in practice decide the fate of each local church. leadership with missionary vision to all continents is promoted.
  • MTM our hearts burn longs to see a renewed Church to deal with security and compliance joy of God’s mission in this millennium. This is also called contagious missionary passion.
  • MTM accepts his total trust in the words of Jesus who said that has all power in heaven and on earth (Mt 28:18). Consequently the Christian mission is based on the Christological power.
  • MTM has the deep conviction of strengthening partnership missionary local church, with an inclusive, not exclusive missiological purpose to help guide the missionary effort to every continent, ie globally. In practice it is intended that local churches help in sustaining missionaries.
  • MTM due to the urgent need to strengthen and revitalize the work of all existing missiologies coming serving in fulfilling God’s mission to build the longest bridge missionary “dual track” of all contemporary missionary history.
  • MTM supports all missionary movements, missions and existing local organizations and churches working in fulfilling the mission on all continents.

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