Mission for the Third Millennium 4 -7 May 2005 Madrid

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This Congress – Meeting arises in fraternal dialogue to continue building new bridges of mission and after two years of brainstorming with Spanish leaders especially with Emmanuel Buch, Xoan Lopez and Raul Castro. It is these dialogues of faith and hope that Congress made a reality – MTM Meeting in Spain; showing the contribution in the efforts of the church in Spain has been making to fulfill the missio Dei.

The purpose of a Congress – Meeting of missiology in Spain on an intercontinental scale due to the urgent need to strengthen the work of all existing missiologies looking to Spain as a strategic power mission in fulfilling God’s mission to build the bridge missionary double longest track all contemporary missionary history. This Congress – Meeting was aimed at pastors, church leaders, directors of missions, missionaries and believers committed to God’s mission.

6 plenary and 18 workshops, and the participation of 100 delegates had. The opening message was delivered by Dr. Samuel Escobar, a Peruvian Missiologist missionary and recognized in the Christian world for its capacity for analysis, reflection and contextual alternative to the challenges of integral mission long history. Also they participated as speakers George Verwer of OM, Martin Thomas Church Mission Society (CMS), Federico Bertuzzi PM, Paulo Branco of the Assemblies of God-Portugal, Jose Maria Baena of FEREDE, José Luis Andavert Bible Society of Spain Jose Pablo Sanchez decision, and others.

MTM was organized in Madrid under the auspices and support of: Evangelical Church “Cristo Vive” Canillejas-Madrid; Evangelical Missionary Church, Barcelona; COMIBAM Spain; Decision Spain; Evangelical Council of Madrid; Latin Link-UK; International PM; First Baptist Church Madrid; Spain Bible Societies; Mission ECM, St. James’s Church Muswell Hill London.


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